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Re: [IP] Microalbumin test vs.ketone strips


The way I understand it, ketones are a by-product of insufficient insulin
NOW -- they indicate that you need more insulin because they show up when
your body can't use glucose properly and falls back on metabolizing fat,
etc. for energy.

A microalbumin test shows whether the kidneys are letting protein 'get
through' when they shouldn't be.  It's an indication of a problem with your
kidneys, which may be a complication of diabetes, but isn't directly related
like keytones are.  Other kidney problems can also cause microalbumin tests
to be positive, I think.

Anyway, they are only necessarily related like a blood sugar test and an
aenemia test are related -- both use the same fluid to be tested.

Hope this helps.
Kathy Trondsen

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