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[IP] pump

Hi Arlene,

Dont be nervous about the pump. My 12 year old son was one of the youngest in 
this area to go on it at 11 and it is the best thing we could have done for 
him! You will have a adjustment period where you will be nervous about site 
changes and bolusing too much and not doing things right, but it soon passes 
and you sometimes FORGET that he is DIABETIC! I'm serious! It is the best 
gift for your child! :)

Kevin has really grown emotionally, physically, and mentally since getting 
this pump. Emotionally he is more mature than any other child his age and 
more "together" than when he was on shots.  Physically, he has grown 5'6" in 
height and lost 20 lbs (he was chunky after first going on insulin for 6 
months before the pump...gained 25 lbs after dx). Mentally he doesnt feel 
like a diabetic child now with all the problems associated. He can eat like a 
normal child and the rest of the family WHEN we all decide to eat. His HgA1C 
has dropped from 7.5 pre-pump to 6.1! :)

Of course you will encounter hassles with the pump like the batteries die in 
the middle of the night and you have to stop the beeping and change 
batteries...or you are at BEN AND JERRY'S and not sure how many carbs the 
CHUNKY MONKEY is...but easy to overcome! :)

I'm not trying to make light of the emotions you are feeling right now, I 
just want you to know that it is a wonderful step you are about to take and 
it is the BEST STEP you can make for your growing child.

By the way, Kevin is on a Disetronic pump and loves it. Never a problem with 
site changes or having it attached to him. He keeps in his pants pocket and 
it has become a part of him!

Go For IT!

Mom to Kevin, 12
dx 12/98
pumping 11 months
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