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Re: [IP] Yup, I hookup May 15!


RoseLea wrote:

> Bumped my hookup date to May 15 from May 23... can't wait, I've had a few
> bumpy weeks lately, bgs all over the place.  I have to get back to serious
> carb counting again (have to learn this stuff).  Entering recipes like crazy
> in Meal Master, (maybe that's why my bgs have been crazy, too much sitting
> at this puter! LOL).  Reading Pumping Insulin and hoping I get the new
> edition soon.  I'm wondering if, after 37 years, I can re-learn how to live.
> I was explaining to my hubby how we won't be so tied to a clock anymore.
> And he responded, "so what will happen if you're 2 hours late for a meal?"
> And my reply was "NOTHING"!   Might take more for him to get used to the
> whole thing! LOL
> RoseLea (and Max soon to be joined at the hip, literally)

Be careful about being absolute.  Being 2 hours late for a meal, you might find
that you are more likely to WANT to eat and that is very different from needing
to eat.   I can just hear him (him being anyone not with DM and involved in our
lives) say, I thought you said eating 2 hours late wasn't a problem! <vbg>

And might take a while for you to get used to not having "need to eat" any

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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