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[IP] Yup, I hookup May 15!

Bumped my hookup date to May 15 from May 23... can't wait, I've had a few
bumpy weeks lately, bgs all over the place.  I have to get back to serious
carb counting again (have to learn this stuff).  Entering recipes like crazy
in Meal Master, (maybe that's why my bgs have been crazy, too much sitting
at this puter! LOL).  Reading Pumping Insulin and hoping I get the new
edition soon.  I'm wondering if, after 37 years, I can re-learn how to live.
I was explaining to my hubby how we won't be so tied to a clock anymore.
And he responded, "so what will happen if you're 2 hours late for a meal?"
And my reply was "NOTHING"!   Might take more for him to get used to the
whole thing! LOL

RoseLea (and Max soon to be joined at the hip, literally)

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