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[IP] Bad Insulin from the start or mailed incorrectly?

     Hi all,
     I just got off the phone with Eli Lilly. (they called me in response 
     to an email) They have issued no, I repeat no, recalls or have noted 
     any bad lots of insulin. I passed along the lots numbers that I read 
     from the different posts. They said problems could be due to shipping 
     errors, too hot (above 86F) or freezing conditions when it's shipped 
     to us directly or a store. They documented the call. 
     I am assuming a lot of us do mail order now. As good or as bad as that 
     assumption may be. I've noticed that usually all of the insulin in one 
     shipment from my mail order will be from one lot. Since they are 
     mailed together they experience the same environmental changes.  So if 
     one bottle goes bad due to exposure, chances are they all are bad, it 
     would look like a lot problem. 
     If you are having problems with a certain lot of insulin, pass the 
     info on to Eli Lilly either via the internet or call 1-888-885-4559. 
     They can't fix a problem they don't know about.
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