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[IP] Crazy high bg dream...feel like sharing

Hi all,

I don't post very often, usually just read, but I feel
the need to share this crazy dream that I had last
night.  Hope this won't be long...

Before I went to sleep (not the dream yet) last night
I changed my set.  Then had a bg of 350 30 minutes
later! I took some insulin and in another 30 minutes
was down to 340.  I wanted to test one more time to
make sure that it was really coming down but I was
exhausted and fell asleep.

So I had a dream that I tested and my bg was 600!  And
I took some insulin and it was 700 and then, the worst
was when I did a test and it was 1000!!!!!  I was
freaking out and took more insulin and got to the ER
and it started coming back down (dropped to 800). 
Then I woke up, in a TOTAL panic.  

Back to reality: it was 2:30am and I tested.  I was
134!  :)  Whew.  

Extremely glad that was just a dream... ;)

25yrs, email @ redacted, pumping almost 1 year!

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