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Re: [IP] Unexplained Change in insulin sensitivity

>Ever since I got my wisdom teeth over a month ago now, my insulin to carb 
>ratio went into the toliet.

  Hi Brooke...this seems to happen to me whenever I get sick or have some 
other immune compromising thing happen to me...including wisdom teeth last 
summer. It always seems to raise my basals by a couple of tenths and make me 
more insulin resistent. I wonder if this happens to non-D's only they don't 
know it because they don't have to think about it? hmmm....maybe it's 
something to do with the immune system and whole body having to work harder? 
With me, my insulin sensitivity returned to "normal" slowly, over several 
weeks.  The other thing is, I have heard that if you are recently dx'd and 
still have some insulin production, that if you get sick, your immune system 
is weak and it knocks off some more insulin producing cells. Not sure about 
this though, in that case your sensitivity wouldn't go back to previous 
levels. Just some ideas :) good luck! -Gianna
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