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[IP] Tender comming out

> Lauren,
> We use the Tender, and we have found that that Tender seems to creep
> out for our son too.  We now use someting called Blister Tape (made
> by Johnson & Johnson) in conjuction with the infussion set, first
> you lay down the bister tape then put the infussion set in.  This
> has worked so well for us, since within the first week/week and a
> half, we had change our sons infussion set 5 times.

The underlying tissue is probably "wiggling". You might try moving 
the set up/down a little or changing the angle (rotationally) of the 
insertion so it's not horizontal but cocked. Lily had some problems 
like this initially and simply moved the set away from the 
'offending' muscle group.
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