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Re: [IP] Mildly addicted, my hind foot

> > Sara G said:
> > I too am a heavy caffeine drinker, at one 
> > point I was up to 3 12-packs a day (I sound 
> > like a smoker saying it that way, but I think 
> > I *was* mildly addicted).   
> Now, Sara G., (LOL) if you think you are mildly 
> addicted at 3.5 packs a day, you are in major
> denial!!!    I smoke too, and I smoke 5-6 
> cigarettes a day, and I can't/won't give them up.  
Okay okay... I admit 36 cans of dt. pepsi in one day is 
probably a little bit more addicted than I let on :)  
But I don't smoke and I don't drink (two traits that run 
heavy in my families) so I'd say a little caffiene can't 
be ALL bad. :)

> I consider myself totally addicted, as you are.  
Were.  A few months ago I went six weeks without a pepsi 
and did fine... The reason I prefer it over water is 
purely a taste issue.  And as I said I'm WAY down from 
my heavy-duty days...

-Sara G. (I ain't hooked, not on no pepsi you can't get 

"Denial is a terrible burden, of which I never been 
afflicted" -- W.C. Fields 

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