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[IP] Low Carb/High Protien Diets

I just wanted to mention some things my CDE said about
low carb/high protein diets at one of our monthly
meetings awhile back ago....

First, she mentioned that we should tell our dietician
and/or doctor we are thinking about/planning on going
on such a diet BEFORE starting one on our own, just to
be safe.  Apparently, these types of diets COULD
possibly pose some problems for some people.  (As
always, YMMV.)  

Second, she mentioned that it is especially important
for anyone who is prone to ketones to be especially
careful during the first couple weeks of going on
these diets because of the amount of ketones that
could occur.  (Knowing my luck if I tried this type of
diet I would have normal blood sugars but have large
ketones! Just had to be sarcastic for a moment!  ;-)) 

Last, but not least, she mentioned these diets may
cause problems not only because of ketones, but also
they can damage our kidneys.  This is because she
mentioned that our kidneys have to work harder to
filter excess proteins properly.  I think that is why
people with signs of kidney damage are encouraged to
not eat as much protein, just so the kidneys don't
have to work harder than they have to.

I don't really know about all of this through personal
experience, and I am not planning on going on this
type of diet, but thought I would "throw this out" for
those of you who are interested in the topic.  Hope
this information helps you!

Pump hugs,

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted

To pump or not to pump, that is the question.....

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