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Re: [IP] Carb counting/low carb diets

<< In regards to a low carb diet, I have found the best that works for me
is to 
limit breads, potatoes, rice, refined sugars, and some vegies & fruits such 
as bananas, carrots & peas.  These all have a high glycemic index, meaning 
they  immediately begin to  increase blood glucose levels  thus needing a 
larger insulin bolus. >>

I have found the same... for a little over a month now, my husband and I
have been following the Zone Diet. He has hypoglycemia, I have diabetes. We
both have been feeling much better blood sugar-wise. 

The main thrust of this theory is to cut out the starchy carbs (bread,
pasta, rice, potatoes) and replace them with more fruits and veggies. The
volume of food you consume is as much (or more), but it has less carbs. You
also eat some protein every time you eat, including snacks. By reducing the
overall need for insulin, you are storing less of your calories as fat. 

For the first week, we followed the diet closely. Then we made some minor
adjustments to fit our lifestyle. We have added small amounts of potatoes
and pasta back in to our diet, but  not nearly as much as we were eating
before. My husband has lost 6 pounds. (I don't need to lose any.) I
generally eat about 30 - 40 grams of carbs each meal. 

Mary Jean

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