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[IP] A funny rant

Last night was one of those nights I was ready to take my pump and throw it
away. I had a wonderful site in for 24 hrs on my arm but after dinner it got
sore and 5 hours after dinner I was still at 135, which is abnormal for me.
So I decided to move the set. It was a gusher, but more insulin then blood
came out of the hole. Bad sign there. Moved set to other arm, it was fine
for 5 minutes until I bolused for my bedtime snack. Pain and burning, pulled
site out. Another gusher. I declared my arms shot for sites for a week or
so. Hubby was laughing at me flailing arms until ouchiness stopped. I tried
a belly site, An hour later after 1.5 units, I was 170. Another bad
site...changed that site entirely, fresh set and went back to left arm.
Sugar was 111 when I went to sleep. Ate a snack and bolused, all was fine.
At 2am, I wake up in pain, site is stinging, aching, arm is sore. go into
bathroom, blood in tubing. Sugar 150. Set three for the day! I try my leg,
finally get a site fully in my leg and it hurts like Hades. I hit a nerve.
move set. Gusher, blood blister and dripping down leg. Huge lump on two leg
places I tried to inset set. Legs are declared off-limits for pump.  In
tears, cursing up a blue streak, hubby is sleep-talking and tells me to try
a boob site, with a rapid, no less! In desparation and in tears, I take my
rapid, bolus it clear to make sure there's no blood in it and try a boob,
ouch...try where the boob meets the armpit....success! Take a unit, wake up
at 7am bruised and lumpy, all limbs sore, but with a 74 blood sugar:) Rapids
do work in boobs in time of desparation, and it lasted thru breakfast so far
(74 pre meal to 50 postmeal). Its amazing the things a person can do at 2am
when tired, feeling horrible and really wanting their pump to do it's job:)
I'm not happy with the site, but if it works, I'll keep getting creative!


Randi "Pixie" Bruner
"Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs
should relax and  get used to the idea." -Robert A. Heinlein

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