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[IP] Mildly addicted, my hind foot

   >> Sara G said:
I too am a heavy caffeine drinker, at one point I was
up to 3 12-packs a day (I sound like a smoker saying it
that way, but I think I *was* mildly addicted).   <<
Now, Sara G., (LOL) if you think you are mildly addicted at 3.5 packs a 
day, you are in major denial!!!    I smoke too, and I smoke 5-6 cigarettes 
a day, and I can't/won't give them up.  I consider myself totally addicted, 
as you are.  It is like saying you are a little bit pregnant - either you 
is or you ain't!   You are a tobacco/caffine junkie!
Your cutting down is very admirable.  It is an awful habit.   And, as we 
diabetics are already at risk for heart disease, the smoking only adds to 
our risks.  You know this as I do.  I gave up chocolate for Lent and I LOVE 
chocolate.  I wish I could give up cigarettes as easily.   Keep on cutting 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 

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