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Re: [IP] Pumping Insulin/pocket pancreas


John Walsh and Ruth Roberts asked me to review the manuscript for Pumping 
Insulin III. I just finished it - according to the authors, it's scheduled 
for publication in "early May".

The new edition looks like it will be approximately 232 pages long, about 
80 pages more than the prior edition. It includes updated information for 
pumping Humalog, a section for teens and pumping, a section for pregnancy 
and pumping. The information on exercise also looks like it's been updated.

I usually learn a few new tricks from most things I read, and this version 
is no exception - using some of the information on basal / bolus rates and 
timing of Humalog doses, I discovered that I've probably been "over 
insulizing" for quite some time, leading to a bit more of a roller coaster 
ride than I like. I made some adjustments to my regimen, and my BGs have 
flattened out quite a bit.

It's well done, like the prior version and provides a good "road map" for 
pumping. It might be well worth waiting for. Now, if we could only make 
this required reading for medical professionals, it might make pumping a 
bit easier for most of us <g>

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Holly asked:
>Does anyone know if the latest edition of Pumping Insulin is out?  Also can
>anyone tell me what is in the pocket pancreas.  I am undecided if I should
>just buy that or get the latest Pumping Insulin, I already have the current

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