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[IP] Unexplained Change in insulin sensitivity

     This mystery has been keeping me up nights (literilly). Ever since I 
     got my wisdom teeth over a month ago now, my insulin to carb ratio 
     went into the toliet. (Not always predictable either). It started to 
     recover but then 2 weeks ago turned south again. I went from 1 unit to 
     18gm of carbs to 1 unit to 12-13 carbs. Basals have increased slightly 
     in the afternoon and evening. For no apparent reason I started spiking 
     after meals. I changed the site, I open several new bottles of 
     insulin, I don't feel sick, no apparent infections anywhere. I'd take 
     a high reading and take a corrective bolus and be back to "normal" by 
     the next meal. So I started reducing the number of carbs per unit. I 
     still spike at least once a day now (250 ish).  I am just a bit 
     freaked out. I thinking I am going to crash hard one of these days 
     it's mentally hard to take 50% more insulin with each meal. Anyone 
     else experienced this and if so how do you correct it?
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