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[IP] Carb counting/low carb diets

<<<< I'm sure you will go quite high if  you eat an 8 oz steak and no carbs.  
For me this will raise my BG about  200.  anywhere from 20 to 80% of that 
protein can be convertd to glucose.  If you don't eat any carbs, I suspect it 
will be closer to 80%, but you've  got to try it for yourself.  A good 
starting point is 1/3 U per oz of
 protein, but, since this coversion takes a few hours, you shoould either
 use a square wave or just take half of the bolus 1-2 hours later.  Enjoy.
 - -way >>

I have found the above works for me as well when I eat things like steak.  I 
try to keep it to around 4 oz. but sometimes I just can't help myself :) At 
restaurants,  I usually ask for a container so that I can get what I don't 
want to eat at one sitting out of sight.   I pass on potatoes and bread and 
get an extra serving of vegies or salad. 

In regards to a low carb diet, I have found the best that works for me is to 
limit breads, potatoes, rice, refined sugars, and some vegies & fruits such 
as bananas, carrots & peas.  These all have a high glycemic index, meaning 
they  immediately begin to  increase blood glucose levels  thus needing a 
larger insulin bolus.  I eat lots of fresh fruits and other vegies that are 
not on the list I just mentioned and proteins, about three 4-6 oz servings a 
day.  It's just too dangerous to put yourself in a dietary ketosis with the 
very real threat of kidney disease/failure so I feel it's best for diabetics 
& others predisposed towards kidney problems  not to do the Atkins, all 
protein, high fat diet. I tried it before DM diagnosis.  I lost a few pounds 
but always put it back on and then some.  For me, I have found ( and everyone 
is different:) that the recommended 235 gms of carbs a day is way too many 
carbs.  I'm not sure what the exact grams are that I eat every day, but it's 
probably somewhere around 100 gms or less.

I have gained 10 pounds since starting on the pump last Nov., but it may be a 
combination of getting better control and also inadequate progesterone 
levels,(i'm 40) which I have begun taking a prescription dose of natural 
progesterone...my Dr. &  "clinical apothecary....(specialty pharmacist) 
believe I will go back to my normal wt. once those hormonal levels are 

I must admit though, I have a dispenser for my very own stash of M&M's that 
gives me one M&M at a time....for those chocolate cravings!  I limit myself 
to 5- 10 spread throughout the day:)

....maybe the pump has allowed me a little to much freedom...hmmmm....No, I 
still love my pump.
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