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I currently I am on the Minimed 507c pump.  If my memory serves me correctly 
this is my fifth pump.  The first was a loaner and had to give it back to the 
doctor, I quit using the second pump when the company stopped servicing 
pumps.  I am now on my third Minimed pump.  Only one of the pumps ever needed 
servicing and that was when it was almost 6 years old.  All of the Minimed 
pumps were because new technology had made pumps with more sophisticated 
features.  I have been on a pump for over 16 years.

Prior to that I had been on NPH and Regular, two shot a day therapy.  The 
beauty of the pump is that you are not a slave to that NPH (in your case the 
Lente).  The pump has allowed my life to be so much more flexible in that I 
am no longer have to plan my life around a strict eating schedule.

I originally went on the pump to iron out my 300 to 50 swinging blood sugars 
and to have a healthy pregnancy.  I now have two boys and am just now getting 
into the swing of good control.  I am sad to admit that a pump is only as 
good as your testing, documenting and communicating with your diabetes 
"team".  It is not a cure all.

About a year ago I was shocked to find out that after 31 years of diabetes, I 
had micoralbuminaria and had to make a decision about my health.  Keep doing 
what I had been doing--basically being extremely lax on testing, documenting 
and communication and possibly face severe kidney problems in the near 
future.  Last summer I turned 40 and as best as I could estimate (from 
surfing the net, etc.) dialysis would be here by the time I was 45.

Or get in my diabetes in better control.  This is what I chose.  With the 
help of better blood sugars and 5 mg of an Ace Inhibitor, my hemoglobin A1c 
is now 6.5 from my March 1999 reading of 9.0.  My 24 hour albumin tests are 
now normal.  I initially gained 7 lbs but now have lost that plus another 15. 
 I still have about 25 more to go before I will be willing to stop.  I am 
hoping to get there by Christmas 2000.

I have had some problems getting use to Humalog insulin in the pump since my 
doctor switched me from Velosulin (Regular) about a year ago.  I recently 
went on the Minimed Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor for 2 1/2 days and it 
was discovered that if I took my bolus insulin over a 30 minute period rather 
than NOW, it covered my meals better.

I also have learned Carb counting this year.  Took awhile but I had a great 
RD who helped me transitionally with the switch from exchanges to carb 

Funny thing, about two years ago I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about 
diabetes and have I changed my mind.  If I can come as far as I have in one 
year, I really believe if the patient was motivated, they can do most 
anything.  Weird but I was taking so much unnecessary insulin that I was 
feeding insulin therefore could not lose weight.  I will say that the 22 lbs 
I have lost that there was very little effort as far as hunger, denying 
myself food, that whole thought process.

I have now felt hunger, generally now I eat when I want, what I want rather 
than eating because of a low blood sugar (one of the worst concepts with 
diabetes is eating when you would rather not, but you have to because of a 
low blood sugar).  I also savor the flavors in foods more.  This year, I have 
delightfully discovered that raw carrots in a salad are sweet.  This is just 
one wonderful observation I have made about food this year.

As I finished this answer to your e-mail the thought occurred to me that 
others might benefit from my response.  Please do not be upset that I am also 
sending this to the Pumpers message board.  If you have any further 
questions, please e-mail me and I will try to respond.

Carole H

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