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Re: [IP] Caffeine & Detecting Lows

> I've seen this a few places, most recently mentioned
> in a column in Diabetes Forecast--
>  Caffeine can stimulate how you feel lows, so I'm
> wondering.

I too am a heavy caffeine drinker, at one point I was 
up to 3 12-packs a day (I sound like a smoker saying it 
that way, but I think I *was* mildly addicted).  My 
sensitivity to lows generally starts at around the 60s, 
and as I stated in an earlier post I NEVER fail to wake 
from an insulin reaction (well that's hard to prove as 
how would I know right?  But an unnoticed low should 
still rebound by morning right?)  Anyway, I've cut back 
to 1/2 to 1 pack a day and I havn't noticed any 
difference (better or worse) in my ability to spot lows 
as they're comming on.

-Sara G.

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