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[IP] Low carb diets for type 1's

Ok,I did look in archives and a bunch of places for
info on type 1's and the Atkin's diet and the such..I
found info on 1. adults with the diet and 2. type 2's
and people with cholesterol probs, etc, etc
 Found a great thing in the archives comparing 6 or 7
different diets, and I'm curious--and considering
trying just a very low carb diet. Not sure I'd want to
push protein b/c if you do that, you get the fat, and
won't the fat itself make you fat? I liked all the
stuff about balancing insulin and glucagon but it
seemed like you have to have plenty of fat to do that
anyway. I'd like to lose some fat---I know, I am
exercising too. I've realized I've "become a
statistic" of what my endo warned me about--gaining
weight on the pump. Not that I've gained much, about 3
pounds compared to what I started at, but there's been
a huge rollercoaster in it.
 I was eating very little when I started on the pump
b/c I was told not to snack, and I think in a sense
that was like a low carb diet. In two weeks, I lost 15
pounds, honestly then I was not trying, and got in
trouble b/c I was under my weight range (and of
course, I'm a  teenage girl, but I was *happiest* at
that weight, and think I could get back there. (I put
that weight back on when I was told I could enjoy my
pump after setting basals)
 So I'm curious, is it dangerous for type 1's for low
carb diets..I do get starvation ketones very easily,
but not high bg ketones too easily. I'm not sure I
could eat much more protein, I mean it's not something
I "crave" but also it's got plenty of fat in it. One
?--the article in archives said that fat doesn't make
you fat, but all the extra carbs do and if you eat
more fat and not enough carbs you won't gain b/c
you're burning ketones, and ketones are good to get
energy from--is that actually true? Really, is it
going to harm your kidneys (just to cut down on carbs,
say in half to where you do get ketones w/o all the
extra protein). I've had D 11 yrs and I'm only 16 and
don't want to do anything to rush
complications..although I found it interesting saying
something like extra carbs contribute to
 full of ?s

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