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[IP] Spring Belt Clip

Hi Pumpers,
    I am currently on a loner pump provided by my CDE while I'm waiting to be approved for my own.  I have a question aobu tthe belt clip that come attached to it.  I know how to take it off so I can put the pump in my pocket but, sometimes my pockets are too small or
it makes too much of a bulge to I use the clip.  When I press the clip to open it I always push the up button. I know it doesn't do anything because I don't acitvated whatever appears but, the beep and having towait for it to clear is irritately.  It seem it the clip
was on the other side the problem would be eliminated.  Or would it be bad because I'd be pushing on the screen.  Does anyone have a way around this.  I can do it by pressing on the edge if I'm really careful but, sometimes I don't think first.


Babs Moffett

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