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Re: [IP] Kids and diabetes -- rather long

How smart you are!  Thank you for posting your thoughtful insights.  It is 
this kind of big picture thinking that motivates me to plow through all the 
e-mails every day, just to find the gems.  
My sister and brother in law were diabetics in the 50s, 60s and 70s (and 
still are in the year 2000).  I've talked with my mother in law about being a 
diabetic mom, and have realized that the experience really was quite 
different for her; for exactly the reason you noted in your e-mail - it was 
much less scientific.  And the scientific part was around diet primarily.  
The down side of all these tools we are given is that the expectation becomes 
that we can be equal to a functioning pancreas.  Well, we can't.  And our 
numbers are all over the place.  Just much less so from all our efforts.  It 
took me a while to accept this which has enabled me (and my daughter) to be 
much happier and more relaxed about living with diabetes in our household.  
Thanks again.
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