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Re: [IP] checking for protein

Kim wrote:
"24 hour protein
i've read about this test several times, but have no idea what it
entails.....would someone let me know please?"

This is a lab test where they send you home with a large jug.  You urinate
and discard the first 'sample', and then save all urine for the next 24
hours, including the first one of the next day.  You have to keep the jug in
the refrigerator.  You return it to the lab as soon as you're done.  My
doctor usually orders one of these as part of my annual physical.

They do at least 2 tests on this:  1) a creatinine clearence test, which my
doc explained as checking whether or not the kidneys are properly filtering
out the 'bad' stuff, and 2) a protien test, which she said shows if they are
retaining the 'good' stuff.  Both are a check of kidney function, and are
intended to catch kidney complications before a lot of dammage has occurred.

I've never asked, but I'm not sure what daily (or weekly, etc) dipstick
tests would tell you -- I believe the purpose of the 24 hour test is
something like the extensive eye exam every 6 months or a year -- not
something you can manage or do something about by yourself.

Hope this helps.

Happy Easter/Blessed Passover (a little late, I know) all.

Kathy Trondsen

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