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Re: [IP] Infusion sets/soon to be pumping

Whoops!!  I *meant* to say, Our trainer recommends the Rapid.  The Rapid
creeps me out a bit because the needle is left in.  I wonder what a
soccer ball hitting right there would feel like.  (I tried the set, but
I couldn't bring myself to simulate that one...  I'm a big wimp!).
Monica, 6, swims regularly (1/2 hour lessons) so I *think*  we would
like a set that disconnects.  We have a Disetronic, so it could just go
in the pool with her.  I've heard the Softset comes out and crimps
pretty easily. Does everyone find this or does this just happen with a
few people??   Thought anyone?  I know this has been probably been
discussed to death, so if your tired of hearing about it, just email me.

Thanks for your help!!!

>I have a question about infusion sets.  We've been using the Tender(on
>ourselves,  Monica hasn't started yet.  Disetronic sent two boxes of
these.), >because it is the only one
>Disetronic offers that disconnects, but it is awfully big.  I was fine
>with it but I wonder how Monica will do?  She has a little bit of
>padding around her stomach.  Our trainer recommended the Tender, but it

>does not disconnect.

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