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Dear Group,
I am posting this here as a WARNING to anyone.
I do not know if you have been reading of my problems of late with Paddy's
bg control(lack thereof) but I tried several things.
One at a time, I eliminated EVERY possible problem, and the last thing I
tried was to change the insulin bottle.  Actually, that was the FIRST thing
I tried, but as it turns out, that was ill-fated.
I had chosen the SAME LOT NUMBER.  This morning I waited to be sure the same
issue was at hand.  When it clearly was, I looked at the bottole and decided
to open the one box wit h a different lot number.  Within two hours, Paddy
ad dropped from 264 to 62.  He has run "Hi", 500+, 400+, 300+ and this am he
was down to 200+ due to a night of not eating.  But it has been just horrid.
About one hour after I changed the insulin, he lay down in the grass and
fell asleep and has been soooooooooo peaceful ever since.  So quiet and
relieved.  He was humming and happy and polite and attentive.
LOT NUMBER (I have 5 boxes of this, all apparently bad) :
3ND92M  Expiry Dec 1, 2001

I used an old bottle, and switched to a new bottle to try to eliminate the
Both were the same lot number.  Both were cared for, as longas they were in
my possession, properly, coming from the pharmacy cold and immediately
refridgerated.  Purchased first week of April.

Just wanted to warn you in case it is not just a fluke at my house.
Charisma :)

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