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[IP] Hi Lo Hi Lo -Off those muscles Go

Hey Gail-
What a drag when the human computer thinks it's done all the mind boggling 
calculations, only to discover that all the work goes down the drain once 
you think you're on terra firma.

One thing I know is that sometimes you go high after exercise as your body 
misinterprets stopping 'the stress' of intense exercise.  It doesn't matter 
if your head doesn't think it's stressful, or if you know you're stopping 
for the night.  The body dumps all that glucose in your liver to keep you at 
optimum hiking capacity and guess what - you're no longer hiking.  All that 
adrenaline (epinephrine) is still kicking in.   Then while you're resting 
and the body finally gets the message you're through exercising, it decides 
to uptake all that glucose from the bloodstream and restore it to those leg 
muscles.  No, it's not all that efficient and you were exactly right in 
checking.  Keep at it (the hiking) and the body will 'learn' the routine.  
Takes awhile.  Next time, yes, check, more often.  Good luck.

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