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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest

It is a great idea to save the stem cells, it is painless and non life 
the cells (cord blood) is collected after delivery of the baby while waiting 
for the placenta to detach and be delivered, drs routinely collect cord blood 
in case the baby gets sick or some other reason they would need to analyze 
it, although it is only a small amt it is saved in the lab, the amt of cord 
blood collected for stem cells is much more but it is usually easy to obtain. 
 make sure all know at the hospital when you are admitted as some kits that 
you obtain do not have all the materials in them that the dr needs if left to 
the last minute after delivery to tell someone, and make sure you bring it up 
to her room before delivery. ( we recently had one dad who remembered after 
delivery and had to run to his car and get it and it didn't have everything 
needed in it to do the collection and this particular type the nurse wasn't 
familiar with and would have been nice to have been able to see it in 
some places you pay for the collection and storage and the cells belong to 
you. other places you pay a much less fee or none at all and either donate 
the cells or you can save them depending on the place. many new and exciting 
things are happening from stem cell research.
(ps i am a labor and delivery nurse)

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