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[IP] Questions for women

Kathy said

besides the only birth control that is 100% is abstinence or
having a hysterectomy

I must add that even a hysterectomy is not 100% sure.  I had a hysterectomy
after my 3rd child was born.  Several years later I had pain in my abdomen.
The doctor sent me to the OB clinic fearing I had a tumor, cyst, or tubal
pregnancy.  It can happen if you have a partial hysterectomy.  I still have
my ovaries.  The doctor proceeded to tell me that it was possible, but not
probable, for me to get pregnant and for the egg to attach to any organ in
my abdomen.  Since I ovulated 3 times a month (only 5 days without a period
every 30), this was a scary thought.  I had a cyst and it dissolved on its

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