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[IP] Bent Cannula

I've been pumping now for 10 days.  I experienced my first bent cannula
yesterday. Shortly after inserting my infusion set and halfway through
my first bolus I received a NO DELIVERY alarm.  This can't be happening
to me, can it?  Checked for a blockage in the tubing but it appeared to
be OK.  Attempted another bolus when once again I received the alarm. 
Darn, I went ahead I pulled out the newly inserted Sof-Set and
discovered a bent cannula.  Inserted a new Sof-Set and everything is
working normally again. I'm not sure how it happened but sure hope it
doesn't happen again.  Sure did run some high BG's due to the fact I
swallowed some great pizza before I found out I had a the bent cannula.
Sure was a learning experience.

Is this a common problem or maybe I just had a bad insertion?

Mark Capozzoli
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