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Re: [IP] basal rates

> I'm at my wits end, can anyone give any advice for starting over
> with basal rates?  It's for my 11 year old.  He has been pumping for
> a year.  When we started out his basal rates were .4 to .6.  I have
> trouble with him going low or being in the 400's at night.  If he
> goes to bed with a number between 150 and 200 and his basal's are
> set at .4 to .5 he's ok. But if he's a little higher than that when
> he goes to bed he'll be in the 400's.  He use's a disetronic and we
> have it set at .2 increments instead of .5.  He is very sensitive to
> humalog at night.  My husband and I take turns getting up every 2
> hours but it's wearing us down.  I need to just start all over but
> need some advice on how to do it.  thanks for any help.   terri

He may have reached the point where he is growing like "stink" and 
needs a variable bed time rate. My daughter went through this for 
several year. We very "carefully" profiled her insulin requirements 
and found that her insulin needs spiked shortly after her head hit 
the pillow. The insulin require timing was directly related to when 
she went to bed (sleep) so setting a fixed basal start time did not 
work. Our work-around was to extend her evening basal rate until one 
in the morning (she usually made it into bed by midnight), then each 
night, she would set a temporary basal rate that was high (as 
determined by the profiling) which extended past one in the morning. 
Usually the temp rate was the same, but we would lower it if she had 
been low, or had eaten within a few hour of bed time (meal insulin 
seems to cover the needs or alter the requirement).

Hope this helps.

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