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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #119

> Hi, i've had the pump for 3 years now, but i was off it for about 7
> months because my medical coverage lapsed due to change in jobs.  I
> have been subscribed to this digest since i've had the pump, but i
> very rarely looked at it.  Recently i have been reading more, and i
> have found out some useful information. I have been back on the pump
> for about 3 weeks now and my a1-c was 6.1. not sure if this is good
> or not? Does anyone notice bruising around the site? and sometime
> very bad itch?  

6.1 is great!

Most likely the itch is from a tape allergy. Do a skin test by 
sticking one inch squares of various kinds of tape to your skin for a 
few days. Use the one that doesn't bother you. Also, try a skin prep 
like Bards or Smith & Nephew "IV prep" or "Skin Prep" to protect your 
skin from the adhesive. There is a small chance it is insulin 
sensitivity, but from your description, doesn't sound like it.

Don't know about the bruising, could be a number of things. Try a 
better description, maybe you'll get some response
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