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[IP] Re: Medisense meters

Recently Sue asked:

>Has anyone had any experience with the new 
>meter by Medisense (I think) that tests bgs and checks ketones at the same 

Good timing! I just got mine yesterday. Here's my take on it.

* The package of strips I got with it contains 100 BG strips and four ketone
strips. I think you can get all BG sets. The strips are individually
foil-wrapped, definitely a good thing for the ketones.

* Calibration is done by inserting a special calibration strip into the
meter. There's one such strip for the BG strips, another for the ketones.

* When you insert a strip, the meter detects which type it is, and lets you
do your thing. You don't measure ketones at the same time as BGs, only when
you choose to perform that test.

* The detection area is a small patch on the top of the strip. I think I
prefer my AccuCheck Comfort Curve, which sucks a bit in from the side, but
the patch is small, so I don't think it requires any more blood than the
AccuCheck strip.

* The new meter gave a reading very close to my old one (which was itself
pretty close to the "real thing." 93 vs. 86, and that's within the precision
of blood meters. Haven't tried the ketone testing yet.

* The nice thing about the ketone strip is getting a fairly precise number,
and from your blood rather than urine. It's a new thing for most of us, so
I'm keeping the chart handy that tells me what's acceptable and what isn't.

* The rep who arranged for our local pumper user group to get the meters
said she thought the company was inclined to market ketone-only packages
some day, but that wasn't official yet. Anyway, I suspect getting two or
three of the 100+4 packages will give me enough ketone strips to serve for a
long time (I don't get sick often)(did YOU get your flu shot last fall?).

* The meter is fairly small, like the AccuCheck Advantage or perhaps a bit
smaller, and considerably smaller than the Complete, my current meter. It
has one-button control, which takes some getting used to. But you can enter
date and time, you can recall the last 450 tests, and it will average the
last 1/2/4 weeks' worth of tests, for what that's worth (not much, IMHO). It
doesn't do all the fancy stuff the Complete does, but I find I don't use
that anyway, so not much loss.

* Tests take only 20 seconds from blood dropping into the patch until final
result. This is a welcome change from the 45 seconds of my Complete! Yeah, I
know, I shouldn't be so impatient.

* It uses 2 AAA batteries, yay!

* It's called the Medisense Precision Xtra.

* You can get a cable and software to download results.

* The case is blue-gray and white; it doesn't come in iMac translucent
Blueberry  :-)

All in all, I like it, and think I'll probably switch over when I've used up
the mountain of strips I still have for my Complete (and once I get a
prescription from my doctor). Having the ketone results is worth it by
itself. If you have questions, let me know.


Keith Johnson
email @ redacted
"Truth flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

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