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[IP] Caffeine & Detecting Lows

I've seen this a few places, most recently mentioned
in a column in Diabetes Forecast--
 Caffeine can stimulate how you feel lows, so I'm
 1. I drink a lot of soda (a 6 pack or more a day, so
I'd say a lot of caffeine, that and several excedrin
b/c of the caffeine), does that cause me to feel low
even when I'm not? (yes I do, but now haha, growing,
also transitioning, getting back to days of staying
totally under 100, when the past few weeks my bg
sucked like crazy)
 2. Used to always feel lows (when i wasn't so heavily
addicted to caffeine but also less duration of
diabetes) and now usually I'm wrong, but if I really
am low, I only feel that half the time--so half the
time my feelings/symptoms are wrong...am I right to
assume caffeine has any affect on that? 
 Just some things I've been wondering.

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