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[IP] re: basals 4 parents, growth

Robin said-
<<We have a wonderful gift with the pump that enables 
our children to grow like any other child. Our endo
told us that Kevin will 
not be stunted in growth b/c his blood sugars are in
range ...10 years ago it 
would have been much harder with MDI during his
important growth years.>>

Now, not to disagree or anything, but my bg control
was never "great" on shots, which I did between the
ages of 5 and 15, and I will say I don't think my
growth was "stunted"--I'm not ridiculously short
(2+inches taller than my mom), taller than one sis and
equal to another one or two. I'm just saying I've
heard that too about control affecting growth, but it
would also say depend on how out of control you were,
or also how in such good control and how many lows
you're facing, stuff like that. However, having an
identical twin without diabetes, I can fairly say that
D didn't stunt me compared to her...

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