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[IP] Infusion sets/soon to be pumping

Hi all,

I've been lurking for months... hmmm, probably since September.  My
daughter, Monica, 6, has been approved for her pump! We had to switch
endos, but I'm so happy we did, our new endo is great.   Our insurance
company, United Heathcare, approved it, no questions asked!?!?!   The
rep from the pump company was shocked at how easy it was.  Anyway...  We
have our pump, did our training,  I pumped saline for a week, now my
husband is hooked up.  (I've done 3 set changes so far!).  Monica will
pump saline for a few days next week and she will go "live" on May 4.

I have a question about infusion sets.  We've been using the Tender(on
ourselves, Monica hasn't started yet), because it is the only one
Disetronic offers that disconnects, but it is awfully big.  I was fine
with it but I wonder how Monica will do?  She has a little bit of
padding around her stomach.  Our trainer recommended the Tender, but it
does not disconnect.

Mom of Monica, 6, dx 8/96, and Sarah 4

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