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Re: [IP] Intraperitoneal delivery

On 22 Apr 00, at 9:16, Natalie A. Sera wrote:

> No, it's NOT subcutaneous. It would involve a permanent port, and would
> open directly into the peritoneal cavity. This has its advantages, as
> George mentioned, but also has disadvantages. One of which is the need
> for meticulous sterile technique, because peritonitis is
> life-threatening. 
> Personally, I think surgery every few years to change a battery would be
> preferable to the constant risk of infection through an open port; an
> implanted pump would be under the skin, just outside the peritoneum, and
> it would be minor surgery. 
> In addition, the implanted pump would make an ugly bump on your bikini
> profile but a port would be a LOT uglier, and preclude activities like
> swimming and mud wrestling!

I don't think that swimming is precluded, but I'm not sure about the 
wrestling!       ;>)      This information from the site indicates that
the area of the DiaPort is not anywhere near as large as the 
Pump.  I would just like to have a pump external so that I can do 
what is
necessary during a malfunction.  Having that much insulin of that 
kind of
strength inside me is not very comforting.  

The DiaPort allows exchange and shortening of the intraperitonial 
catheters without surgical intervention.  It is constructed of titanium
and has a silicon membrane to seal the drug catheter. A special 
set with ball cannula connects the DiaPort to the pump.  

                      System Comparison
Implanted Pump                                DiaPort
==============                            =========
more complex surgical intervention      Simple surgical intervention

Patient can leave after one week         Patient can leave same day 
at the earliest                                    (outpatient) or 5-7 at

replacement difficult                           replacement easy

handling via pump communicator         external pump

81 x 20 mm; 160-178 gms                  8 mm; 3 gms

replacement approx 2 years                > 5 yrs

U400 Hoesct insulin                        any standard pumping insulin


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