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[IP] How to Donate Pumps and my story

I have your dilemma solved! I had a pump donated to me by a private party 
and am able to use it to get a newer model. Liberator Medical Supply will 
take in donated pumps and turn around and, covered by THEIR liability 
insurance, donate them to individuals!! They will also "process" them 
through and give them to the person you specify! They can be contacted to 
make a donation or a request for a pump by sending an EMail to:
email @ redacted
I have chortled about how much help they have been to me in postings. An 
update: they found a doctor (Dr Peter Lodewick, author of "A Diabetic 
Doctor Looks At Diabetes: His and Yours" and "The Diabetic Man"  in 
Birmingham, Alabama).....after the two Endos in Huntsville, Dr Cowart and 
Dr Johnson, allowed me to run sugars in the 500s and 40s over 2 years with 
a comment about putting me on a pump "a pump is NOT a solution...it's only 
a different delivery system"!!!!  They are the "crossed arm and 
patient-blaming" type of Endos....definitely NOT  "informed and 
progressive" types! It's bad enough to struggle with insurance 
companies...having the dr that you place your very life in their care 
passively allowing your gradual deterioration and/or demise is the HARDEST 
thing to deal with!! I am thrilled to report that I am now in the care of 
several very aggressive specialists (last week was a whirlwind of appts!). 
My pump is being shipped as you read this...a neuro has retested all my 
neuropathy sites and is ordering equipment to remobilize me along with a 
regimen to help the pain....I am scheduled for a new sleep disorder testing 
(severe apnea diagnosed but untreated in 1995) with a CPAP machine already 
planned for.... I have HOPE...FINALLY. The Keto incidents, strokes, comas, 
severe pain, extreme fatigue, unconciousness, etc. are being addressed for 
what they ARE....brittle diabetes at its worst that needs intensive and 
aggressive intervention!! I can't TELL you how good I feel knowing that my 
care-givers are working WITH me and not passively AGAINST me!! The staff 
(diabetics themselves and mostly pumpers) at Liberator have been lifesavers 
for me. They ran "interference" with the insurance (and figured out ways to 
get what I needed at a MUCH cheaper price than straight from the 
manufacturers) and located doctors for me. Disetronic, the pump I finally 
settled on for MANY reasons, was MUCH more responsive...yet not pushy as 
far as sales. They were very fair in anything they said about MiniMed 
pumps....NEVER a bad word about the "competition"!! The patient advocate, 
Barry Roberts, assigned to answer my questions isn't involved in 
sales....just a pump user and question answerer. His "low key" attitude and 
responsiveness had a LOT to do with my final decision. Also, for me as a 
hearing impaired person, I found out that the D-Tron will have a REAL 
volume control that actually changes decibel levels instead of just 
lengthening the beeps on alarms (plus can be set to vibrate at the same 
time) is "key" for my needs. Sorry to babble like this...but I have been 
through the wars and have emerged victorious only with the help of these 
two companies. Thanks to you all, too, for being there....all my saved 
postings on pumping issues will now be read again when I need answers!
Happily anticipating...Carole Eve

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