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Re: [IP] Re: adults vs kids insulin useage

email @ redacted wrote:
> i was wondering if all adults seem to use less insulin than the kids do?
> my daughter uses more for basal rates than most of you use for a total daily
> use.

Just remember that kids are GROWING, and their bodies need an incredible
amount of energy to fuel that growth! (And insulin is what their bodies
need to USE the energy!)

Plus most of the hormones that control the growth ALSO contribute to
insulin resistance, and at age 10, your daughter is almost certainly
starting to produce the hormones that will put her into puberty within
the next couple of years!

If your daughter is healthy and of a normal weight for her height, and
not experiencing too many wacky BGs, I wouldn't worry about how much
insulin she's using -- I'd ONLY concentrate on keeping her BGs in good

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