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[IP] Intraperitoneal delivery

Jack Granowski wrote:
 (Quote from George Lovelace) 
> > As Disetronic explains it; "In intraperitoneal infusion, that is to say, when
> > insulin is applied through a port system directly into  the abdominal cavity
> > and in intraumbilical infusion (injection of insulin into the umbilical vein) 
> > the insulin reaches the liver directly."  Just like a pancreas, immediate 
> > delivery.
 > > This would avoid the problem of surgery for battery replacement.
> Thanks, I did not know where the implant delivers the
> 'goods'.  It is still sub-cutaneous.

No, it's NOT subcutaneous. It would involve a permanent port, and would
open directly into the peritoneal cavity. This has its advantages, as
George mentioned, but also has disadvantages. One of which is the need
for meticulous sterile technique, because peritonitis is

If the umbilical vein is used, it's STILL an opening directly into the
vascular system, and still has problems with infection. 

Personally, I think surgery every few years to change a battery would be
preferable to the constant risk of infection through an open port; an
implanted pump would be under the skin, just outside the peritoneum, and
it would be minor surgery. 

In addition, the implanted pump would make an ugly bump on your bikini
profile but a port would be a LOT uglier, and preclude activities like
swimming and mud wrestling!

Anyway, I'm past the age where I care about stuff like that!!!!

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