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[IP] Lesson in Compassion

Keith Johnson wrote:
> [I did have some interesting experiences in the first class. At age 51, I
> was nearly the youngest one there in years... but by far the oldest in
> diabetic experience. Most of them were typical Type IIs, with a few extra
> pounds and various other problems, diagnosed within the last year or two.
> I'm fortunate not to have any complications yet, and I almost felt guilty
> when my blood panel results came back. Compared to me, the rest of them
> appeared pretty sickly! It was an interesting contrast for all of us. The
> second class was much different: younger folks, and two people already on
> the pump.]

Strikes me that you had a very important lesson in compassion, Keith,
and I'm glad you  understood it so well!  :) :) :)

As a fence-sitter with both and neither type of diabetes (yes, we
exist), it always saddens me when someone starts comparing and feeling
sorry for themselves. 

At our last local pump support group, one of the members, who is
normally a very kind and thoughtful person, said that she'd much rather
be Type 2 -- and it struck me that it was a position of ignorance. I
REALLY DON'T want to start a flame war or create any ill feelings, but I
think diabetes itself is a bitch of a disease, and my heart goes out to
ALL people who suffer from it. 

I spent the hour after the meeting ended with the counselor of the group
and got out some tears -- I'm currently grieving several situations,
including the progressive loss of my beta cells (i.e. my diabetes is
getting harder to control, I'm getting out-of-range readings more often
and for longer periods of time, and I have to pay more attention,
including testing and correcting more often.  And I decidedly don't want

And I didn't mention it in the group because I didn't think the others,
who are all childhood Type 1's would understand what I was talking
about. Fortunately, the counselor, who is NOT diabetic herself, but a
very intuitive and intelligent person understood exactly what I was
feeling, and was a wonderful help. 

But the fact is that I'm still grieving. 
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