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[IP] Why did I keep dropping?

Hello Gang!
Question here.  I went on a good long hike yesterday.  Did everything
right.  (miracle!)    I decreased my basal an hour before the hike for
the justation of the hike.  I did not bolus for all my breakfast carbs
and I managed a tremendous hike with no insulin reactions.
When I got home, I was tired which was to be expected, but I was extra
tired so I checked my blood sugars.  They were 190.  I figured I miss
calculated the snack when I got home so I took a bit extra of insulin.
As the day progressed I felt worse and low and behold my numbers were up
to 356.  I took a shot of Humalog, 4 units and changed my set.  The
cannula was bent.  No biggie, since so many of you had survived the same
experience.  Next time I checked I was 407!  The Humalog in the vial I
got from the drawer with the syringes must have been bad.  So I Bolused
5.5 units.
Those darn numbers stayed at 406, 407 for a few hours!  They finally
started to come down and at 9:30PM I took my last bolus to bring them
into a good range.   10:45 PM as I tucked into bed I was at 95.  This
concerned me so I had some glucose and a piece of candy from the Easter
Bunnies stashe and set my alarm for 1AM.  At 1 AM I was 63.  I took some
glucose and did not reset the alarm because I figured that all Humalog
must be gone from my system.  Last bolus 9:30 PM  to 1 AM... that is 3.5
hours so I figured the Humalog had done it's bit and I could sleep!
Wrongo!  At 4:30 I woke up shaking at a BS of 45.  That was 7 hours past
the last injection!!!!
Why did I keep dropping!!   I thought of the glucagon theory, but we
have done that hike numerous times (we can hike from our front door down
to the American River so we do it often..)  So I don't think I was out
of glucagon.  (I think that is what the store house on your ummmm
muscle cells is called..)

Advice, Opinions, Experiences, Wisdom, Would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much all of you and Happy EAster!
Gail Fong

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