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[IP] basal changes: Parents

Dear parents of pumpers,

Seems we all are going thru similar situations. Kevin has been on the pump 
since last May and is doing wonderful. Initially, MONTHLY, we were pulling 
our hair out for all the changes we had to keep making...but then realized 
that he is a growing child, and we will be doing this for awhile...and THIS 
IS NORMAL! That helped us chill a bit and just roll with the changes. 
Granted, we have a boy, and the hormonal effects are not as traumatic at 11 
and 12...but we still deal with monthly growth changes. In fact, Kevin went 
on the pump as a 120 lb, 4'8" tall child and now is 100 lb 5'3' child. He 
grew A LOT! (and shrank in weight a lot) Our basals were mostly .5 all day, 
and now we are mostly .3 and .2/.1 alternating at night. What a change. 

All I am saying is that with a pump, it is MUCH easier to roll with the 
changes and embrace them. We have a wonderful gift with the pump that enables 
our children to grow like any other child. Our endo told us that Kevin will 
not be stunted in growth b/c his blood sugars are in range ...10 years ago it 
would have been much harder with MDI during his important growth years. 

Hang in there!  It helps to know we are all going thru the same thing, and 
isnt it nice we can vent on this forum!?

Mom of Kevin, 12
dx 12/98
pumping for 11 months :)
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