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[IP] Disetronic LaunchesADICOL"Advanced Insulin Infusion with control Loop"

Dear Fellow Pumpers. I just recieved this press release from Disetronic.-Yes 
they do have shares on the swiss exchange.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 10, 2000.--- The Disetronic Group has initiated 
and recieved approval for the development of an innovative new insulin 
delivery system with integrated monitoring of  blood sugar for diabetics.The 
goal of the ADICOL project ( Advanced Insulin Infusion with control loop) is 
to develop a kind of artifical pancreas to the prototype stage, so that the 
daily insulin dosage can be administered to people with diabetes practically, 
automatically and exactly in the required amounts.
NOTE... From my undestanding they have developed a sensor that is surgically 
implanted under the skin, this works in conjunction with their diaport which 
is a port that delivers insulin via their pump directly to the liver. Since 
the pump is external surgery is a one time deal and we wont have to be opened 
up everytime the port clogs which is the problem with MMs implanted pump. 
This Project is currently underway at the University of Graz and Perugia in 
Germany. The press release goes on and on. If anyone would like a copy e-mail 
me your fax # and I will gladly fax it to you as I do not own a scanner.
UNTIL THE CURE THE PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRAD pumping 12 years and counting
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