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Re: [IP] basal rates

>I'm at my wits end, can anyone give any advice for starting over with basal
rates?  >It's for my 11 year old.  He has been pumping for a year.  When we
started out his >basal rates were .4 to .6

join the party, terri!

your story is the exact one as geneva's. she just turned 11 in march and we
are starting over also.  started pump last june and was on .4 all day.

right now I think we are as confused as we were when we started..but I will
tell you our situation.   we also have a difficult time at night due to
either fatty dinners,  exercise prior to bedtime,  or growth hormones.
other parents are having the same problem,  so don't feel too badly.


12, 1, 2 am                .5
3 am                         .3
4 am until 8 am          .5
8 am until 2 pm          .4
2 pm until 8 pm          .5
8 pm until midnight     .7

geneva goes low at school from about 10 am until 2 pm.  we are still going
down and up with this basal.  .2 was too low.   .5 is too high.
so...between .3 and .4 right now.

her carb ratio right now is 1:15 for breakfast.  she usually eats foods that
are high on glycemic index.  waffles,  cereals, bagels,  bread products.  so
we are more aggressive with the ratio during this time.

1:20 for rest of day.  although, we are thinking of doing 1:15 ratio for
snacks and high glycemic foods.

let me know  personally what you are coming up with.  I am always interested
in other kids' basals/carb ratios.  puts things in perspective sometimes.

mom to geneva

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