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[IP] Re: Daily carbs (was pump protocol)

Jackie asked:

>>Now I am up 20# and can't seem to lose it.  Anyway, let me
know how to start over again with a diet, how many carbs are we allowed per
day? Etc., etc., etc.<<

Jackie there's a formula available to estimate daily carbs needed.  It's in
the Pumping Insulin Book as well as Stop the Rollercoaster and I thought it
was available on this site, but I couldn't find it just now when I looked.

It goes like this:

You decide your desired weight goal in pounds.  Then you choose a calorie
factor that best describes your activity level each day:

For women:  Very Sedentary = 11.5
                       Sedentary = 12.5
                       Moderately Active = 13.5
                       Active = 14.5
                       Super Active = 15.5

Then you multiply your desired weight by the calorie factor and figure
calories needed per day.  Divide that number by 8 to get carbs needed per
day.  Then you can split up that amount of carbs by the number of meals and
how much you want to eat per meal.

I have to tell you, though, while I'm still on MDI (pump hookup is May 15) I
figured my carbs per day on a Very Sedentary lifestyle and actually eat less
than that per day and still gain weight... go figure.

RoseLea (and Max soon to be joined at the hip, literally)...

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