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[IP] Re: Prepump homework:)

Denise wrote:  
<< Does anyone hold "remedial" classes for older
 diabetics? LOL  I'd like to enroll!
 What kind of pre-pump homework did you assign
Dear Denise,
I know you were half kidding but I read the book "Pumping Insulin" and also, 
"Pocket Pancreas" prepump.  Those two books, plus the awesome help this list 
is, really helped me to understand Diabetes more. (I'm also an RN)  My pump 
educator and Endo & MiniMed Rep. were all impressed at my knowledge and knew 
I had done my homework:)
I was able to start pumping insulin much quicker.  I used saline for only one 
week and then began pumping with my first official "pump class".

Dx'd type I, 1995, (age 35) pumping on MM508 since 11/99
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