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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #82

we use the iv prep and then a tegaderm or iv 3000 and put the infusion set 
though the tape.  we didn't have good luck with the tenders staying in 
either, we tried the rapids and have stuck with them and also cover them with 
another piece of tegaderm over it. at first her sites didn't last only 1-2 
days now we always get 3 days and occ 4 when a planned change didn't get done 
due to scheduling times etc.
make sure the tubing isn't getting pulled excessively as this loosens site 
also, we tape a little loop of tubing in the tegaderm to help with the 
tugging not coming from the actual site, just maybe the tape part. itching 
seems to be a problem with my daughter she tends to itch at the site also but 
some places itch less and the iv 3000 seems to cause less itching than other 
if i can help more please e-mail me
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