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Re: [IP] proteinuria

checking urine for protein tells if protein is being passed by the kidneys 
which if it is is showing damage already done to the kidneys as it has passed 
so much glucose which damages the kidneys as the size of the glucose and 
ketones passed through the microfilter of the kidney's. protein is a large 
molecule and damages the kidney's more so ideally you want to stop the 
protein from being passed out the kidney's keeping the bs more normal range 
will prevent more damage too.
using this med helps the kidneys pass more fluid and does something to the 
pressure in the kidneys too, you can call a pharmacy for the action of the 
med and see a website about diab and kidney damage for more info
eventually if left untreated you would end up on dialysis and this is not a 
nice thing whether it be abd dialysis or blood dialysis from a iv site 
special made or from a enlarging of the blood vessels surgically done for 
the only recourse either before this point or upon reaching this point is a 
kidney transplant.

there are other types of kidney disease this is just from memory ok????
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