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[IP] Re: Classes for us oldsters

Recently Denise Guerin wrote:

> ...Since I have been diabetic for 45 years every medical
>professional assumed I knew all I needed to know and I ended up confused and
>with very fragmented care.  Does anyone hold "remedial" classes for older
>diabetics? LOL  I'd like to enroll!

Denise, you should check around your area (which is...?). I've been on
insulin for 40 years, and got the same fragmentary training until moving to
Reno. I had a good endo, but he still assumed I knew most of what I should.
Then he suggested I take a class at the local Diabetes Health Center. I
thought at first of taking the advanced class and skip the beginning class,
but decided it had been long enough that I should start slow.

What an eye-opener! I had a great week, and learned a lot; and, more
important, made some contacts with the CDEs there. I took the advanced class
the following summer. When I went on the pump a few months later, I had a
much smoother time than I would have without the classes (and the folks at
the DHC supervised my pump start, even though my endo is on a pump himself).
And now I have some educated folks to call when I have questions. By the
way, the DHC actually requires you to have taken the advanced class before
you start a pump with them.

[I did have some interesting experiences in the first class. At age 51, I
was nearly the youngest one there in years... but by far the oldest in
diabetic experience. Most of them were typical Type IIs, with a few extra
pounds and various other problems, diagnosed within the last year or two.
I'm fortunate not to have any complications yet, and I almost felt guilty
when my blood panel results came back. Compared to me, the rest of them
appeared pretty sickly! It was an interesting contrast for all of us. The
second class was much different: younger folks, and two people already on
the pump.]

Check with your doctor, and/or the local hospital, and ask if there is such
a center near you. It's been very helpful to me: I wish every community had
one. (Now, if I could just get them more interested in the Internet...)

--Keith Johnson
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