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Re: [IP] minimed implantable insulin pump

On 21 Apr 00, at 13:07, Jack Granowski wrote:

>>> Does anyone here have first hand experience with this
>>> implanted device? I

>> When will it be available?  When will the internal
>> delivery for Disetronic be available?  Either one would
>> a big help for many of us that have problems with sites

>> going bad.

> If it is a problem with sites, perhaps the peritoneal
shunt would be a better
> answer than the implantable pump.  This would avoid the
> associated with sub-cutaneous injection, where the
injected insulin has to
> travel to the heart to then be sent to the liver.   See
the site:


> As Disetronic explains it; "In intraperitoneal infusion,
that is to say, when
> insulin is applied through a port system directly into
the abdominal cavity
> and in intraumbilical infusion (injection of insulin
into the umbilical vein) the
> insulin reaches the liver directly."  Just like a
pancreas, immediate delivery.

> This would avoid the problem of surgery for battery
> George Lovelace

Thanks, I did not know where the implant delivers the
'goods'.  It is still sub-cutaneous.

I have now learned that intraperitoneal infusion would
also solve my other problem of delayed response, which may
be related.  Straight H takes from 3 to 6 hours before I
get the full effect.  My goal is now to be below 200 2 1/2
hours after eating, with straight H.  I have a choice of
sites going bad quickly, or an even longer response time
mixing with V.  I may need to go back to a mix, as today
my site only lasted 1 day.

I did not see anything about when it would be available.
Is there any kind of expected date that it would be
delivered?  I am close to trying to upgrade (7 years with
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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