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Re: [IP] RE{IP} Pump Protocol

I too need some pre-pump homework like Denise does.  You all know a lot about 
a lot of things that I was never told about.  Of course, it could be that my 
memory failed me also. lol.  Anyway, can someone tell me what all you all did 
to prepare for the pump and setting basal rates.  I spent an hour a wk. for 6 
wks. with my CDE trying to work out basals etc.  A dietitian was never 
mentioned to me.  Now I am up 20# and can't seem to lose it.  Anyway, let me 
know how to start over again with a diet, how many carbs are we allowed per 
day? Etc., etc., etc.
I love this web site and have learned so much.  Thanks!  you may email me 
directly if you like.  Have a happy happy Easter!....................Jackie
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